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A Prayer for one desiring and seeking after the New-Birth

George Whitefield Here is a primary resource from George Whitefield that some of our students were assigned to read during the Spring 2020 Semester BLESSED JESUS, thou hast told us in thy gospel, that unless a man be born again of the Spirit, and his righteousness exceed the outward righteousness of the scribes and pharisees, […]

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Truth, Unity, and Triage: A Book Review of Finding the Right Hills to Die On

Chris Johnson The book Finding the Right Hills to Die on by Gavin Ortlund was provided for free by Crossway to GBTS in an exchange for an honest review. God has placed my family and I upon a path featuring an unusual motley of Christian traditions throughout the years. I was raised an Arminian Baptist, […]

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Making the Gospel Known: Ichabod Spencer

by Dustin Benge Editor’s Note: This post was originally published at in January of 201and is used by permission. As Christians, we have a biblical responsibility to make the gospel known. Christ’s command to his disciples, “Go ye…and make disciples…” (Mt 28:19) was not exclusively for the crowd to whom Jesus was then speaking, […]

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Jesus and Justice: Reflections on George Floyd

by Delano Rolle George Floyd, a 46-year old black man, was arrested on May 25th 2020 for allegedly using a counterfeit $20 bill to purchase cigarettes at a deli. Minutes after his arrest, he was pinned beneath three Minneapolis officers and videos from bystanders and security cameras show a white officer, Derek Chauvin, kneeling on […]

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Revival Hindered and Promoted

by Allen S. Nelson IV William Buell Sprague’s 1832 book* Lectures on Revivals of Religion seeks to both promote the cause of genuine revival in churches and to guard against “a spurious excitement” (p. xiii). When understood rightly, true revival of religion is a great blessing to the church and advances the cause of Christ […]

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Free Grace Friday: From Death to Life

Free Grace Friday is a weekly post sharing updates and book excerpts from Free Grace Press. Each Friday we will be posting news about FGP books, featuring excerpts, and most exciting for you, telling you how you can get access to great sales on biblically solid, Christ-honoring resources from FGP. How Salvation Works Our featured […]

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