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Book Review: Famine in the Land

by Billy Crow One of the best things a pastor can do is to be growing himself.  In my own life, reading has been a great avenue for this.  Of the authors I have read, one of my personal favorites is Steve Lawson. Dr. Steven J. Lawson has served in pastoral ministry for 34 years […]

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3 Reasons People Reject Total Depravity

by Allen S. Nelson IV One of the most difficult doctrines in the Scriptures is the doctrine of Total Depravity. It’s not difficult like “what does Genesis 6:1-2 mean” difficult. In other words, it’s not difficult because it’s difficult to understand. It’s difficult because it’s difficult for many to accept. So difficult, in fact, that […]

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Make Prayer Meetings Great Again!

by Dewey Dovel “What is the greatest need for the church in 2020?” This thought-provoking question will undoubtedly elicit many noble and Biblically accurate responses from the average seminary student. Indeed, presenting such an inquiry before a room full of men training to be pastors, missionaries or teachers within Christian academia would surely generate a […]

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A Student’s Perspective on Biblical Languages

By Zakariya King A small baby begins to crawl on the floor as he sees the object of desire across the room in sight. It’s a bottle. This baby is old enough to support his own head and now even to crawl at length. He sees the familiar object that satisfies his hunger and is […]

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Free Grace Friday: Anticipating God’s Rest

Free Grace Friday is a weekly post sharing updates and book excerpts from Free Grace Press. Each Friday we will be posting news about FGP books, featuring excerpts, and most exciting for you, telling you how you can get access to great sales on biblically solid, Christ-honoring resources from FGP. What is the Lord’s Day? […]

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John Owen on Sin and Perseverance

Today’s post comes from John Owen (1616-1683) and deals with the provision of grace against sin in believers. Though Owen is harder to read than some, consider his words today from his exposition on Psalm 130 (free here). In this excerpt, Owen discusses how true believers will never ultimately fall away from Christ, but must […]

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