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    Pastoral Hardships

    by Billy Crow Spurgeon in Distress The pastor is certainly not immune to pain.  Some of the greatest sermons from one of the greatest preachers were born from times of great distress.  Note the words of Charles Spurgeon: “Some of you may be in great distress of mind, a distress out of which no fellow-creature […]

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    GBTS Values

    by Danny Thursby To know Grace Bible Theological Seminary (GBTS) you must understand the values that inform and shape our ministry. The following characteristics are not unique to GBTS as there are, thankfully, several seminaries that share these emphases or have even been exemplars to follow. We do not desire to be unique for the […]

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    Such a Time as This: Introducing Grace Abounding

    by Allen S. Nelson IV Most of us are familiar with Mordecai’s question to Esther in Esther 4:14 – “And who knows whether you have not come to the kingdom for such a time as this?” It seems to me that Mordecai had a healthier understanding of God’s providential care for His people than many […]

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    How COVID-19 Can Change Your Family Culture for the Better

    by Taylor Walls We live in uncertain times and a lot of families have had their lives changed by COVID-19, and sadly some families will never be the same after this is all said and done. We have been given a lot more time to be at home—out of work and without being able to […]

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