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    Dr. Owen Strachan Named Provost & Research Professor of Theology

    On behalf of Grace Bible Church and Grace Bible Theological Seminary, I am thrilled to announce Dr. Owen Strachan as our new Provost and Research Professor of Theology. For the last two years, we have been in careful prayer that God would fill this role with a man after our theological convictions and our heart […]

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    “Where is My Glory?”: How God is Glorified by the Seminary Student

    By Cole Dixon The studies of the seminary student are no light things. The responsibilities of the average student include hours of reading (mindless reading doesn’t get you anywhere in this world), numerous classes, research papers, theological discussion forums, modules, and summer intensives, all while usually working a full-time job. Efficiency comes at a high […]

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    A Weekend with Dr. White

    To many, Dr. James White needs no introduction. But for those who don’t know him, he is a world-renowned apologist who serves as the director of Alpha and Omega Ministries, a Christian apologetics organization based in Phoenix, Arizona. He is the author of more than twenty books, a professor, a pastor, and an accomplished debater, […]

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    Truth, Unity, and Triage: A Book Review of Finding the Right Hills to Die On

    Chris Johnson The book Finding the Right Hills to Die on by Gavin Ortlund was provided for free by Crossway to GBTS in an exchange for an honest review. God has placed my family and I upon a path featuring an unusual motley of Christian traditions throughout the years. I was raised an Arminian Baptist, […]

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    A Student’s Perspective on Biblical Languages

    By Zakariya King A small baby begins to crawl on the floor as he sees the object of desire across the room in sight. It’s a bottle. This baby is old enough to support his own head and now even to crawl at length. He sees the familiar object that satisfies his hunger and is […]

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    The Relationship Between the Local Church and the Seminary

    by Danny Thursby What should be the relationship between the local church and seminary? Charles Spurgeon’s Pastors’ College serves as a guide and inspiration for GBTS in many ways. Obviously, there is much to learn from Surgeon’s ministry at the Pastors’ College, but it is the relationship between the college and his church, The Metropolitan […]

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