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    Jesus and Justice: Reflections on George Floyd

    by Delano Rolle George Floyd, a 46-year old black man, was arrested on May 25th 2020 for allegedly using a counterfeit $20 bill to purchase cigarettes at a deli. Minutes after his arrest, he was pinned beneath three Minneapolis officers and videos from bystanders and security cameras show a white officer, Derek Chauvin, kneeling on […]

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    Revival Hindered and Promoted

    by Allen S. Nelson IV William Buell Sprague’s 1832 book* Lectures on Revivals of Religion seeks to both promote the cause of genuine revival in churches and to guard against “a spurious excitement” (p. xiii). When understood rightly, true revival of religion is a great blessing to the church and advances the cause of Christ […]

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    3 Reasons People Reject Total Depravity

    by Allen S. Nelson IV One of the most difficult doctrines in the Scriptures is the doctrine of Total Depravity. It’s not difficult like “what does Genesis 6:1-2 mean” difficult. In other words, it’s not difficult because it’s difficult to understand. It’s difficult because it’s difficult for many to accept. So difficult, in fact, that […]

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    John Owen on Sin and Perseverance

    Today’s post comes from John Owen (1616-1683) and deals with the provision of grace against sin in believers. Though Owen is harder to read than some, consider his words today from his exposition on Psalm 130 (free here). In this excerpt, Owen discusses how true believers will never ultimately fall away from Christ, but must […]

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    Christ Our “Cover-over”: Jesus Shields Us from God’s Wrath

    By Robert Gonzales Jr. A careful reading of Luke 22:14-20 reveals that the Lord’s Supper is closely associated with an OT Jewish feast called “Passover.” This fact underscores an important truth: Christianity is not at odds with the religion of the Old Testament. Rather, it’s the fulfillment of OT religion. That’s why Jesus appends the […]

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    Look and Live! Why I Interpret John 3:16 as an Invitation

    by Bob Gonzales Some may not think I’m a Calvinist when it comes to John 3:16. Actually, I’m a John Calvinist when I interpret this verse (double entendre intended). I don’t think the verse (and its larger context) is simply designed to teach people biblical doctrines or facts. It has a larger aim. Namely, God […]

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