GBTS Academics

Serious Training. Serious Students. Serious Calling.


Ministers must study to show themselves approved of God (2 Tim. 2:15). Learning how to rightly divide the Word of God takes skill and practice. Since the chief responsibility of ministers of the gospel is to preach the Word of God, every minster must seek to be a scholar. If ministers are going to be equipped to teach others, they must be first be taught themselves. Before Paul began his ministry, he spent three years at the feet of Christ learning in the Arabian desert.

It is our desire not to throw new ministers into the middle of the battle without first equipping them with the tools needed for the battle. Thus, we seek to provide a robust and rigorous theological education. The academic aspect of our program includes three fundamental areas of pastoral theology: doctrine, preaching, and counseling. A thorough knowledge the Bible and how to rightly understand and apply it is essential for every minster. This includes a knowledge of the Old and New Testaments, apologetics, systematic theology, and biblical theology. Yet, teaching these classes is more than teaching men how to think, it is teaching men how to teach others.

This is why we seek to train men how to preach and how to counsel. We want to teach students how to rightly interpret the Scriptures and how to prepare sermons and apply God’s Word to everyday problems. We are not interested in training scholars who can only communicate with other scholars, we are interested in training pastor-scholars who can lovingly and faithfully shepherd God’s sheep with the Word of God.

Training Format

Residential Course

Residential courses are weekly classes taught over the course of a semester that are designed to thoroughly engage students with the topic taught.

Module Courses

Intensive courses taught by guest lecturers from various seminaries and theological traditions.


Students participate in practicums designed to provide practical experience in three areas of training. Preaching/Teaching, Service, and spiritual development.

Master of Divinity (Forth Coming)

Grace Bible Theological Seminary Master of Divinity Program

Divinity Curriculum

Exegetical Theology: 33hr

3hr Biblical Interpretation
3hr OT Introduction
3hr NT Introduction
3hr Covenant Theology
3hr Biblical Theology
3hr Beginning Greek I
3hr Beginning Greek II
3hr Intermediate Greek
3hr Beginning Hebrew I
3hr Beginning Hebrew II
3hr Intermediate Hebrew

Systematic Theology: 24hr

3hr Prolegomena
3hr Theology Proper
3hr Anthropology & Ethics
3hr Salvation Accomplished1
3hr Salvation Applied2
3hr Ecclesiology3
3hr Eschatology
3hr Apologetics

Historical Theology: 15hr

3hr Creeds and Confessions
3hr Early and Medieval Church
3hr Reformation Church
3hr Baptist History
3hr Modern Church

Practical Theology: 28hr

3hr Expository Preaching
2hr History of Preaching
3hr Pastoral Theology I
3hr Pastoral Theology II
3hr Biblical Counseling I
2hr Biblical Counseling II
3hr Missions and Culture
9hr Pastoral Practicum

Optional Electives:

4hr Divinity Thesis
3hr Textual Criticism
3hr OT Exegesis: OT Book
3hr NT Exegesis: NT Book
3hr Puritan Theology and Ministry
2hr Biblical Spirituality

Total Hours: 100hrs

MAPS Curriculum

Total Credit Hours: 48hrs

3hr Biblical Interpretation
3hr OT Introduction
3hr NT Introduction
3hr Biblical Theology
3hr Systematic Theology 1
3hr Systematic Theology 2
3hr Systematic Theology 3
3hr Systematic Theology 4
3hr Church History 1
3hr Church History 2
3hr Apologetics
3hr Expository Preaching

36hr Academic Study

Practicum/Mentor Curriculum

Students will participate in practical ministry training, mentoring and evaluations under the direction of their pastor/mentor.

12hr Practicum/Mentor Study