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    Grace Bible Institute is an Affiliate institution of theAssociation of Reformed Theological Seminaries. As such, it participates in and contributes to collegial and professional development activities of the Association, and is committed to the quality of education ARTS promotes. Affiliate status does not, however, constitute, imply, or presume ARTS Commission on Accreditation accredited status at present or in the future.

    The following benefits of affiliation are taken from theARTS Affiliate Program Description.

    1. Affiliates are encouraged to participate in the collegiality, fellowship and accountability structure of ARTS.

    2. Affiliates are allowed and encouraged to attend, as non-voting members, all ARTS meetings, and participate in ARTS committes.

    3. Affiliates are allowed to develop academic relationships with any and all ARTS members. The Executive Director for ARTS-COA will help structure these academic relationships with other ARTS member schools.

    4. Affiliates desiring to become full ARTS members and seek assistance from the Executive Director for ARTS-COA on how to proceed in progressing to full ARTS membership.

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